Listing of 28 mm miniatures manufacturers for wargame and miniature games .

Listing of 115 manufacturers of 28 mm scale miniatures, some manufacturers of miniature decors are


Introducing The Alliance of Destruction in Warhammer Age of Sigmar

The Alliance of Destruction is a motley coalition of savage creatures, barbarian tribes and ferocious

Presentation of the manufacturers of 28mm figures “Miniature Figurine Production” and “Cranntara miniatures”.

Presentation of the manufacturers of 28mm figures "Miniature Figurine Production" and "Cranntara miniatures".

Presentation of “The Assault Group” a 28 mm miniatures manufacturer.

Here is a new access blog post on 28mm figures / miniatures made by the

The art of animating articulated plastic figurines by Animist (stop motion animator)

A small article on a Japanese stop-motionanimator : Animist. On his Youtube channel, he shows

Construction of the Baelor Temple for Game of Thrones miniatures (a Song of ice and fire)

Baelor Temple for the miniature game "Games of thrones" (a song of ice and fire)

Which 3D printer should I choose to print miniature figures and sets?

Quelle imprimante 3D choisir pour Noël 2019 ?