Presentation of the manufacturers of 28mm figures “Miniature Figurine Production” and “Cranntara miniatures”.


Miniature figurine production and Crann Tara miniatures are English manufacturers of metal figurines.

They offer you a wide range of figures with quite varied scales: 15mm, 20mm, 28mm and 40mm.

It also has a wide range of themes ranging from the fantastic universe to “relatively sharp” periods of history.

I will therefore go into the details of the periods offered by these two English companies, so you will have a link to each period:

Presentation of “Miniature Figurines production”:

Here is the range of figurines offered by this manufacturer of metal miniatures:

Metal futuristic mini planes
28mm english civil war figurine
28mm wounded soldier vietnam war
Warship (several scales available)
  • “Old West” range in 40mm (Apaches, Mexicans, riders, Indians on foot and on horseback)
  • A fantasy range sculpted by Joe Denver in 32mm including goblins, barbarians, humans, archers,…
Fantasy line sculpted by Joe Denver
  • A wide range of zombies
Zombie survival in another historical period
Red army 28 mm
  • Ancient population including: Persians, Greeks, Indians, Berbers, Egyptians, Hittites, Pictes, Saxons, Sumerians.
  • A range of miniature figurines (10 to 12 mm) for the following periods: English civil war, American, 1st world war, Spanish civil war, second world war, modern wars.
28mm Persian figures.
  • A range of miniature figures (25mm) for the following periods: Ancient World, Medieval, Renaissance, Napoleonic, American Civil War, Colonial Wars, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Turks and Ottomans (1600-1800)

Presentation of CrannTara Miniatures

Regarding CrannTaraMiniature , they offer 28mm miniatures, the majority of which were made by Richard Ansell and Andy Stadden.

The period covered by these manufacturers of metal miniatures is the 18th century, with the British and European armies.

They have the following ranges:

  • 45 rebellions ” range corresponds to figurines covering the period of the Jacobite rebellion.
28 mm Jacobite rebellion figure
  • The “FIW / small actions” range contains figures covering the battles of France in the United States from 1754 to 1763 against the British colonies also in place on American soil.
American Indian Figurine
  • The “ War of austrian succession ” range covers the period of the Austrian wars of succession from 1740 to 1748. You can find the following figurines: Saxony, French, Spanish, England.
28mm figurine on his galloping horse
  • The “Westfalia forges” range: offers 18th century carriages of all kinds to enhance your dioramas.
Caleche 18 th century

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