Listing of 28 mm miniatures manufacturers for wargame and miniature games .

You will find below a list of 115 manufacturers of 28 mm scale miniatures, they are all listed in alphabetical order, some manufacturers of miniature sets are also included in this listing.

This lisiting is being currently updated 

1.animation figurine décors - logo 1stCorps

  1. 1st Corps :

Historical figurines made in England, rather access on historical figurine (if we disregard the two aliens of the Science-fiction part). Here is the main listing of their figurines:

  • Ancients (Romans, Celts, Huns…),
  • Medieval (crusade, Asia: Tibetans, Mongols, Samurai)
  • Civil War,
  • 20th century (Korean War, World War II)
  • science fiction (aliens)




  1. 4groundpublishing –

Offers 28mm decors for several universes:

  • History
  • Fantasy
  • Science-fiction
  • Gothic town



  3.animation-figurine-décors- logo Armora and Aquila miniatures

  1. Aandaminiatures

Figurines made in England and access to the ancient armies :

  • Macedonians
  • Ancient Rome
  • Carthaginian
  • Persians…



  4.animation-figurine-décors- logo AB figures for wargamers and collectors

  1. Abfigures: 

Offers figurines in the following scales 15 mm, 18 mm and 20 mm, in these themes:

  • Antiquity
  • Napoleonic wars
  • first and second world wars




  1. Age of Glory :

This figurine seller offers the following periods :

  • Iron Duke Miniature (Indian Mutiny),
  • Mutton Chop (World war one),
  • Vietnam (Indochine, Us Vietnam),
  • English Civil War,
  • New Zealand war,
  • Zulu wars,
  • Jazz Age imperialism,
  • Italian War,
  • Spanish Civil War,
  • World War II,
  • Modern combat,
  • 28 mm buildings and accessories.




  1. Agema miniatures 

Offers 28mm figurines from the antique period:

  • Carthaginian,
  • Etruscans,
  • Roman republic.


  1. Ainstycastings:

Sell decorations and figurines at 28 mm scale in the following themes:

  • science-fiction,
  • figurine in a “Planet of the Apes” style
  • musketeers,
  • American Wild West.



7-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Alkemy the game

  1. Alkemy : 

Offers 28mm miniatures for its board game, several factions are available in this Fantasy universe.  





  1. alternative-armies:

Figurines made in England of 28 mm access on the fantasy universe, heroic fantasy.




  1. Armorcast : 

Figurines mainly focused on the fantasy world (Goblins are visually interesting, as well as marauding ogres and orcs, some characters from the Dark-age (Middle Ages) category are also successful.  





  1. artizandesigns

Specialized in historical figurines (28 mm) including the following periods:

  • First and Second World War,
  • Renaissance,
  • Vikings,
  • the Carolingians,
  • the Moors,
  • The American West,
  • The Arthurian legend,
  • The French Foreign Legion
  • Pirates.
  • They also produce figurines from the 20th century, 1930 and 1940.
  • Characters from the “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” series of the sixties.





  1. askari-minis: 

Offers 28 mm high figurines for the colonial period as well as World War II.  




  1. Avatars of war

Offers 28 mm Heroic fantasy style miniatures (dwarves, dark gods, orcs and goblins, dark elves, empire of men, undead, beast man, legions of the damned, elves, kingdom of Aquitaine, infernal dwarves, vermin, barbarians, arena beasts, lizard man. )  



  1. Awminiatures 

Makes figures with a height of 28 mm:

  • of the samurai of the 16th century,
  • the Franco-Indian War (1754-1763),
  • the Seven Years’ War (1756 -1763),
  • The Indian Mutiny (1857 – 1859)
  • Wellington in India (1796-1805),
  • The Zulu War (1879)
  • the Sudanese War (1881-1885).






  1. Baccus 6 mm 

As its name suggests, these are historical figures at 6 mm scale (Roman Empire, Medieval period, Crusades, Samurai, Napoleonic War, Civil War, Second World War) as well as buildings associated with the aforementioned periods. They are also manufactured in the United Kingdom.  





  1. bakercompany

Specialized in 28mm figures from the following periods:

  • Second World War
  • Vietnam War
  • Zulu War






  1. Barrage miniature :

Proposes settings related to several periods of history:

  • landing craft WW2
  • Vietnamese house (Asia, Pacific)
  • Franco-Indian war
  • WW2 vehicles
  • Viking ships.





  1. Battlescale

Makes sets (for 28 mm high characters) for the following periods:

  • Middle Ages
  • modern (1940).





  1. Baueda 

Italian brand that offers interesting decors / dioramas for 36 mm figures of the period: Second World War (36 mm) Romains Impero (15 mm)  




19-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Black Scorpion

  1. Blackscorpionminiatures

Black Scorpion miniature offers 28 mm figures on the following themes :

  • Cowboys and Indians,
  • heroic fantasy ,
  • modern army,
  • fantasy Football style « bloodbowl » .





  1. Black site studio

Offers 28mm decors for the following universes:

  • modern conflicts
  • science-fiction
  • history




21-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Black-Tree Design

  1. Black Tree Design :

Full of 28 mm figures in the field :

  • History
  • heroic fantasy
  • science-fiction.




  22-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Boot Hill miniatures

  1. Boot hill miniature :

Offers figurines on the following theme: Alamo and the Texas War of Independence (1830).  





  1. Bronze Age min :

As the name suggests, these are access figurines from the Bronze Age period. But also characters from the Fantasy category, as well as Science fiction.  





  1. Casting room miniatures :

Offers 28 mm figures on the following themes:

  • Former
  • Medieval
  • black powder (Renaissance, Elisabeth /Tudor, English Civil War)
  • Napoleonic era
  • Victorian era
  • heroic fantasy





  1. Conquest games

English company specialized in the manufacture of 28 mm characters from the Middle Ages and heroic fantasy, figurines dedicated to Robin Hood and wild animals in 28 mm format.  





  1. Copplestone Casting :

Created figurines of adventurers, African peoples (Ngoni, Shilluk, Zanzibar soldiers, Somali archers, Zandé), figurines for futuristic wars, gangsters, and figurines dedicated to the First World War.  





27-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Corvus Belli

  1. CorvusBelli :

Corvus Belli makes the figurines for the futuristic game Infinity.  






  1. Cp models

Offers figurines (28 mm in particular):

  • animals,
  • interchangeable heads,
  • figurines from the Ancient period
  • middle age,
  • fanstasy,
  • science-fiction
  • history





  1. Crescent-root

Offers decorations for 28 mm miniatures: classic villa, American ghost town, old industry, and accessories (canister, wooden box.)  




30-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Conquest miniatures

  1. Conquestminiatures : 

This website is no longer available. Offers 28 mm miniatures for the French-Indian war.    






  1. Crocodile games

Offers figurines inspired by Egyptian gods (Anubis, Osiris, Bastet,…), as well as characters from Olympus and Hyperborea.  





  1. Crusader miniatures

Specialized in the following periods : Ancient, Crusades, Middle Ages, Napoleonic Wars, Seven Years War, World War II.  





  1. deepcutstudio :

Offers game mats for your 28mm wargame games.  





  1. dustgame :

offers 28mm miniatures in a futuristic universe organized with “Mech” type war machines.  





  1. dwarvenforge:

Decorations for Dungeons and Dragons and a smaller part for decorations in a “space Hulk” style.    






  1. Dixon Miniatures :

Several types of characters classified by themes: animals, Vikings, Zulu war, World War I, Japanese gangster (Yakuza), pirates, American Revolution, Napoleonic wars, Alamo …  





  1. East riding miniatures:

“not very visual” site, but offers original figurines, whose theme is as follows:

  • science-fiction
  • World War 2
  • gangsters
  • Napoleonic War.




37-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Elite Miniatures

  1. Eliteminiatures :

Manufacturer of figurines specialized in the Napoleonic period (musketeers, riflemen, grenadiers, cavalry, artillery, standard bearers, guards) and available in several nationalities (French, Russian, British, Portuguese, Spanish, Prussian, Austrian, …).  




38-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Essex miniatures

  1. Essex Miniature :

Offers 28 mm figures for the following periods: antiquity, medieval, crusades, renaissance, napoleonic period, american civil war, colonial war, heroic fantasy.




  39-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Eureka min

  1. eurekamin: 

Manufacturer of figurines located in Australia, offers original 28 mm characters (Hawaiians, World War II, Maori Tribes, Soviets, Middle Ages, Samurai, fantasy)  






  1. Epsilonws 

Epsilonws offers 10 mm decors for the following themes: historical, medieval.  




41-animation-figurine-décors-logo-FAA miniatures  

  1. faaminiatures:

    Manufacturer of miniature characters specializing in the First and Second World Wars, as well as the modern wars (1973 – 1990).





  1. Fantasy Warlord :

Alternative armies offers these figurines created by Fantasy Warlord in 1990 at 28 mm scale, it is a heroic fantasy universe.    





43-animation-figurine-décors-logo-fighting 15s

  1. Fighting 15s Model Soldiers :

Features 28 mm characters from the following eras: antiquity (gladiators), medieval, Napoleonic period, 7 Years War, And they have stocks for the following ranges: laughing monk miniatures, martian empires, shadow forge miniatures.  




44-animation-figurine-décors-logo-fireforge games

  1. Fireforge games :

Offers 28 mm figures for the following periods : Medieval, Byzantine Empire, Napoleonic War, World War II, fantasy football, forgotten world,  





  1. firelockgames:

Offers 28 mm figurines of pirates, freebooters, freshwater / saltwater sailors, they also offer decorations related to this theme, as well as boats.






  1. Flames of War :

Specializing in the sale of World War II figurines.  





  1. footsoreminiatures:

Specializing in the sale of 28 mm miniatures of Samurai, Vikings, Irish (Middle Ages), Picts, Ancient Rome, Saxons, Greek heroes.





  1. Forged in battle :

Offers 15 millimeters scale characters and vehicles for the following periods: Middle Ages, antiquity, World War II.  




49-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Footsore miniatures and games

  1. fortressfigures :

Specialized in the sale of 28 mm fantasy figurines (Amazon woman, goblins, Egyptians and 3 burlesque monsters)  




50-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Front Rank

  1. frontrank:

Offers 28 mm figures for the following periods: medieval, late 17th century, 18th century, Napoleonic period.




    51-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Gale Force Nine

  1. Gale force Nine :

Apparently a large manufacturer of figurines have the following range of 28 mm figurines: Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek, Docteur Who, firefly the game, Dune, Tanks, Spartacus, Sons of Anarchy, Homeland, family guy.    





52-animation-figurine-décors-logo-game miniatures

  1. game-miniatures :

Offers 28 mm decors and figurines in laser printing for the following universes: World War II, heroic fantasy, pawns for board games.  






  1. Ganeshagames

    livres :

          figurines :

Offers playbooks and 28 mm figures for the following periods: American Civil War, Antiquity, Fantasy, Franco-Indian War, Giant Monsters and Robots, Napoleonic War, Gods and Mortals, Pirates, Musketeers, Prehistory, Pulp, Science Fiction, Superheroes, Western.  






  1. gelaendestuecke :

This site is no longer available, it was dedicated to the creation of sets for wargame.  






  1. gallopingmajorwargames:

Offers figurines for the following periods: Franco-Indian War, Western range, American War of Independence, scenery related to the above mentioned periods.






  1. Gmb designs :

Offers 15 mm, 28 mm, 40 mm action figures in the following categories: 100 Years War, English Civil War, Franco-Indian War, US War of Independence, Napoleonic Wars, Crimean War, American Civil War, Austro-Prussian & Franco-Prussian War.  






  1. grandmanner:

offers decors for the following periods: Antiquity (Greece, Rome), Middle Ages, Medieval, Napoleonic Wars, 28mm sets in Europe and East Asia, Cape War, Colonial period and First World War, Second World War.  





58-animation-figurine-décors-logo-gripping beast

  1. Grippingbeast:

Manufacturer of figurines making characters of antiquity, personas from the fantasy world, science fiction, Vikings, gladiators, …  






  1. Gringo40s: 

Offers 28mm figures for the following themes; Mesoamerican (Aztecs, Mayas, Pre-Columbian Indians), Conquistadors, Napoleonic armies, 28 mm Maximilian, Spanish Americans, Garibaldi War 1860, Mexican Revolution, Opium War, Tonkin 1885, Vietnam War 1968, Exotic Animals, Wild West, Rif War, Robinson Crusoe and Friday 28mm, Science Fiction Robots, Zombie Range.    






  1. hartolia-miniatures :

Offers 28 mm sets for Heroic fantasy and futuristic universes, perfect for classic warhammer or 40k, Star Wars, World War II, Ancient Egypt, Lord of the Rings.  






  1. Ironcladminiatures : 

Offers 28mm action figures in a futuristic, heroic fantasy, steam punk and historical style. It also proposes decorations associated with the above-mentioned themes.  





  1. Kalistra : 

Creator of figurines with the following ranges : World War I and II, science fiction, heroic fantasy, historical figurines.  






  1. Kerr & King : 

This website is no longer available.

This company was specialized in the manufacture of original bases for your science-fiction and fantasy figurines (scale 10 mm, 15 mm, 25 – 30 mm)  





64-animation-figurine-décors-Khurasan miniatures

  1. Khurasanminiatures :

Manufactures and sells historical, science fiction, Pulp and Fantasy figurines.  






  1. kingsfordminiatures :

Offers 28 mm figures for the period Medieval Japan (Sengoku-Jidai ), gladiators of Rome (Colosseum).  





  1. Kromlech : 

Offers 28 mm miniatures for the following universes: heroic fantasy, science fiction in a warhammer 40k style. The armies offered are: orks, highlander troops, monsters, futuristic war machines,  





67-animation-figurine-décors-Lancashire games

  1. Lancashiregames :

Manufacturer of 25 mm scale miniatures specialized in the following periods : Antiquity, Medieval, Renaissance, Napoleonic wars. Carlist War (period 1833 – 1839 in Spain) .    





  68-animation-figurine-décors-Little big men studios

  1. Little Big Mens Studios :

Proposes decals to be applied on the shields and flags and banners of your various miniatures and miniature troops, here are the proposed sizes: 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm and 28 mm.




    69-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Mantic games

  1. manticgames :

offers 28 mm figurines of which here is the range:

  • King of War – Vanguard (fantasy),
  • Deadzone (futuristic),
  • Terrain crate (Fantasy scenery),
  • The walking dead (zombie modern),
  • DreadBall (futuristic sport)
  • Hellboy the boardgame ( comics style)
  • Star saga (Science-fiction Dungeon crawler)
  • Dungeon Saga (classic Dungeons & Dragons style)
  • WarPath (Classical battle on a large scale)






  1. Magister Militium :

Offers figurines and decors at 28 mm scale (but not only that…, so don’t hesitate to visit the site) . Many periods are available from prehistoric figurines to World War II. As well as the following themes: Fantasy, Game of Thrones, Science Fiction, Steam Punk.  





  1. Maxmini:

Offers 28mm figurines in 3D printing from several universes: Heroic fantasy and Science fiction,    




72-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Miniature figurines

  1. miniaturefigurines

It offers 28mm figures for the following periods: Roman Republic, Carthaginian, Middle Ages, Imperial Rome, Napoleonic War, Pacific War.  





  1. minibits

Propose des figurines au format 28 mm : supers héros, animaux, policiers, ninjas, herbe statique, décalcomanie, base, civiles insurgés, gardes républicains, survivalistes, robots, mercenaires, décor prédécoupe au laser, éléments de décors.  





  1. Mirliton 

Italian figurine maker, specialized in historical and fantasy 28 mm figures.  





  1. Newline Designs 

Newline Designs has a fairly wide range of historical 28 mm figures including the following main periods: Antiquity, Biblical Period, Middle Ages, Chinese Medieval Period, Napoleonic Period.    






  1. Oldgloryuk 

Oldgloryuk is a manufacturer of miniatures in 15 mm and 28 mm format specialized in the following periods: Antique, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Napoleonic Period, Colonial Wars, American Civil War, etc.  




76-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Orinoco miniatures

  1. Orinoco-miniatures

Offers 28 mm figures on the Wars of Liberation (1810-1830) and the Chaco War (1932-1935).  






  1. oshiromodelterrain

Offers 28 mm sets, specializing in Japanese, Chinese, Victorian, European architecture, science fiction and futuristic urban terrain.  





  1. Outpostwargameservices : 

Proposes 28 mm Figurines of Russo-Turkish War from 1877 to 1878, conflict having opposed the Ottoman Empire to the Russian Empire.    






  1. Over the wire game Miniature 

This brand of figurine offers an eclectic range of characters in 28 mm format: Futuristic War, Wild West America, do not hesitate to take a look at the different characters proposed.




  80-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Pendraken miniature

  1. Pendraken :

Offers 10 mm figurines from prehistoric times to the present day, they also offer fantasy and science fiction worlds.  





81-animation-figurine-décors-logo - Perry Miniatures

  1. Perry-miniatures

Offers figurines in 28 mm format about the Coffee Wars (1779 – 1879), the American War of Independence, the Crusades, The War of the Two Roses (1455-1485), Sudan, Battle of Azincourt, Samurai, Mafeking, etc…  




82-animation-figurine-décors-logo - Pulp figures

  1. Pulp figures

Offers 28 mm figures for the following periods : Western/ Mexican Revolution, China Station, Vietnam War, Mystery & Horror, Far-flung French (Major Leduc ), Movie Heroes, Movie Villains, Gang War, 28mm South Pacific action figures, Yukon Adventures, Imperial Germany, American Adventures, Neanderthal, British Empire, Imperial Japan,





  1. philibertnet

Reseller of 28mm figurines (several figurine brands).  





  1. Pig Iron Production :

Offers 28mm figures in different universes: near future, futuristic post-apocalyptic.  





  1. Prince August :

Proposes mainly painting material (brushes, airbrushes, )  





  1. QR miniatures 

QR miniatures is a brand of Polish figurines that offers 15 mm scale figures focusing on the Renaissance and the Middle Ages.  




87-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Reaper miniatures

  1. Reaper

Reaper Mini offers 28 mm heroic fantasy and futuristic miniatures





  1. Renedra :

Offers decors, pedestals, tents and grounds at 28 mm scale. Offers figurines of the following trademarks : Perry miniatures, gripping beast, conquest games, agema miniatures.






  1. Sarissa-precision :

Offers laser cut decors in MDF wood, for the following scales: 15 mm, 20 mm, 28 mm, 40 mm for the following periods: First and Second World War, Rail, Japan 28 mm, Far East 28 mm, Ancient Rome, Middle Ages, Retro America, Old West, North America, Science Fiction, Industrial 28 mm, Modern Shop, North Africa, Arches.  






  1. Sash and Saber :

Sash ans saber offers 28 mm figures for the following periods: American Civil War, Napoleonic War, Franco-Indian War (War of Conquest 1754 – 1760).  






  1. Scottia Grendel :

Offers 28 mm figurines in a futuristic and science fiction field. A Fantasy and History part is also available.  





92-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Steve Barber Models

  1. Stevebarbermodels :

Offers 10 mm, 28 mm and 40 mm miniatures, but long site to load and no visual of the miniatures (for my part).  






  1. thearmypainter

Offers articles concerning the painting of figurines, several painting ranges.  






  1. sloppyjalopy

Offers 28 mm high figures and vehicles for the following periods : World War I and the Cold War.    





95-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Spectre miniature

  1. Spectreminiatures 

Offers 28 mm figures on the following theme: modern warfare with special intervention force. Production includes characters, terrain and vehicles.





  1. Wargaming miniatures :

Offers futuristic figurines in a retro, oldschool, 80 ‘s style.  




  1. Splintered light minis 

This figurine shop offers miniatures in 28 mm format in the Heroic Fantasy range.    







  1. The assault group

The assault group is an online shop selling 28 mm miniatures from the following periods: Fantasy, animals, Medieval Asia, Renaissance, Ultra modern, Vietnam, World War II.  





  1. Tinywargames

Offers play mats in the size and patterns (grass, sand, snow, water, urban, space, custom) that you want.    




100-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Totentanz miniatures

  1. Totentanz-miniatures 

Offers 15 mm miniatures for the following periods: 30 years war, 17th century Europe, army of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th and 17th century, cavalry and infantry, Roman cavalry and legionary, Celts, 15 mm vehicles Europe achronic, American civil war, heroic fantasy (mainly skeletons).  






  1. Tsminiaturen

Offers decals for shields and standard bearers in 28 mm format for the following periods: Ancient Army and World War II.  





  1. unfeasibly

Offers 28 mm figures for the following periods : The Empire in Peril range: Imperial Germanic Army of Kaiser Wihelm II (1890-1910), the range offers guards and cavalrymen. And the Exotic Adventure range, which depicts the French foreign legion in 19th century North Africa, includes Berber Tuaregs and other figurines.  





  1. Valiant miniatures 

Offers 28 mm miniatures for the World War II period.  




  1. victrixlimited

Offers decals for 28mm wargame miniatures in the following ranges: Napoleonic War, Antiquity, World War II.  






  1. Wargamesfoundry 

Is an online store of figurine whose range is as follows: Ancient Rome, medieval, Napoleonic period, science fiction, Congo, 19th and 20th century.  






  1. wargamescenics 

offers decorations for 28 mm scale characters for an exclusively medieval range: castles, towers, fortifications, buildings and villages.    





106-animation-figurine-décors-logo-Warlors games

  1. Warlord Game

28 mm figures of the Second World War (1939-1945) for the Bolt-action range, Science-fiction with the Antares range, the Black-powder range (period 1700 – 1900) for the Napoleonic wars as well as the war of independence of the United States and the battle between England and Zulu (1879). The Pike & shotte range covers the 16th and 17th century (the Thirty Years War, the English Civil War, the Italian War, and the religious war of the Spanish conquistadores, feudal Japan ). The Hail Caesar range covers the period from the Bronze Age through the Spartans and medieval knights to the Roman Empire. The second sci-fi line that revolves around the Doctor Who series.  






  1. westfaliaminiatures :

Propose des figurines 28 mm heroique-Fantasy : aventuriers, monstres, elfes, veilleuses de nuit, kobolds.





  1. West wind productions

Offers 28 mm action figures for the following periods: futuristic (Giant Robot Mech Warrior – Pz Mech), World War II, Vampire War, Empire of the dead: steampunk horror, bombshell miniatures: futuristic action figures,  





  1. Xan Miniature

Offers figurines of height: 20 mm, the periods offered by this shop are the following: Napoleonic War, Second World War, modern, Spanish Civil War.  





  1. scotiagrendel

offers 15 mm and 28 mm scale figures from the ancient period (Spartans, hoplites, Theban).  





  1. Ziterdes

Offers sets in the heroic fantasy style, or for games in the style of Dungeons and Dragons. You will find below a list of 115 manufacturers of figurines mainly in 28 mm scale, they are all listed in alphabetical order. Some manufacturers of miniature decors are also included in this listing.

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