Presentation of “The Assault Group” a 28 mm miniatures manufacturer.

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Here is a new access blog post on 28mm figures / miniatures made by the Assault Group .

Most of 28m figurines are made of metal, their sculpting process is done by using green stuff.

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28mm figures sculpted with GreenStuff by The Assault Group

The historical periods covered by the Assault Group are as follows:

The site will also enable you to discover periods or armies or characters not very well-known, for example: the Albanian estradiots (light cavalry mercenaries ), the lansquenets (German mercenaries), the boyars (Orthodox countries aristocrats), streltsi (Russian military corps), the akindjis, the azabs, …

The Assault Group offers you a 20% discount if you use the following discount code from the Assault Group store:

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For information: This reduction is not sponsored, the goal being mainly to present alternative figurines shops to the big manufacturing groups. Here is therefore in detail each category.

The different periods of history covered by The Assault Group:

28mm Vietnam War figure

Vietnam War :

In this category you can find 28mm figures concerning the Vietnam War (1960 to 1970).

You will thus have the possibility of “managing” several units:

  • Australian and New-zealand army corps ( ANZACS ) in Vietnam with different types of firearms (M16, rifles, grenade launcher,).
  • North Vietnamese Army from the period (1965-1975) with the following weapons (RPK, AK47, RPG rocket launcher, heavy machine gun, mortar).
  • Vietnamese guerrilla force (1965 – 1975): with the following weapons (PPSh 41, MAT 49, Type56LMG, carbine, DP LMG)
  • American troops with the weapons of this period (assault rifle, shotgun, M16, snipers, mortar, M14, M113.)
Figure 28mm World War II period by The Assault Groupe.

Second World War (1939 – 1945):

The Assault Groupe company also has a range of 28mm scale miniatures relating to the Second World War, so you can find some of the armed forces who participated in this conflict.

  • US Marines: American troop with M1 garand rifle, US marines snipers, team of medics and rescuers, troop with BAR rifle, flame thrower, browning).
  • Britain : Ghurkas with BREN machine gun, Sten rifle, Thomson machine gun, kukri (combat knife), mules for transporting food and ammunition.
  • Imperial Japanese Army: troop with Arisaka rifle, M99 LMG heavy machine gun, sniper, anti-tank group, team of 4 members of the Imperial Japanese Army with mortar.
  • Germans: doctor, officers, infantry, panzer grenadier, infantry with MG42, M98K weapon.
  • Russians (Soviets): soviet infantry with telogerika clothing and weapon PPS-43, PPSH 41, DP LMG, mosin nagant, SVT 40.
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28mm miniature for the renaissance period

The rebirth (and other periods) :

In this category rather rich in figurines, you will find miniatures belonging to various historical periods, do not hesitate to go and observe them in detail, in particular the range of Aztecs.

  • Albanian: Miniature 28mm of an Albanian estradiot (mercenary of light cavalry) from the first half of the 16th century.
  • Aztec: Aztec spokesperson, Aztec Chief, Aztec Priest, Aztec Clan Chief, Aztec with jaguar or coyot outfit.
  • Cossacks: General, plowman, Cossack, Cossack on horseback with saber, lance or musket.
  • Croatian: Miniature Croatian Command Unit 28mm figure with sword and pistols.
  • German (maximilian Imperial): lansquenets (German mercenaries) operating from the 15th century to the 16th century. In this category there are arquebusiers, command units and guards.
  • English (Tudor and Stuart): Arquebusiers, troops equipped with lances, musketeers, musketeers opening fire, team with artillery (cannons), Henry VIII, English commander, Noble of the Tudor period with sword and armor.
  • French (Vallois): man who maintains a horse, commander of a legion, lancer, argoulet (Soldier who belonged to a troop of French light cavalry), Jean de Dinteville and François 1 er , Anne de Montmorency.
  • Hungarian: Hungarian, Hungarian hussar commander on horseback with bow.
  • Italian: Alfonso 1st d’Este, arquebusiers on horseback, pack with Machiavelli, Devinci and Caesar, arquebusiers, Italian lancers,
  • Russian: Soldier with lance, plowmen, boyar (aristocrat from the non-Greek Orthodox countries of Eastern Europe), Russian nobleman, Streltsy (Russian military corps having served from the 16th century to the beginning of the 18th century),
  • Ottoman: Ottoman Spahis with pistols, Akindjis ( irregular light cavalry unit, acting as a scout or front line troop of the Ottoman army ), Ottoman general, Azab ( irregular infantry unit ), janissaries (most influential post in the administration and the army)
  • Poles: Polish Cossacks, Lithuanian Tatars with pistols, Piechota wybraniecka (type of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth infantry training. Formed in 1578).
  • Scottish: Covenanters (important religious and political movement in Scotland in the 17th century), musketeers, Scottish artillery, lancers,
  • Spanish : Gentlemen of arms, conquistadors, arquebusiers, Hernan Cortes de Monroy and Pizarro, Spanish infantry.
  • Swedish : team of artillerymen, Swedish horseman, King Gustav II Adolphe (King of Sweden 1594- 1632), Haccapelites (Finnish horsemen),
  • Tlaxacalan: Archers, commanders, fighters

Animation-Figurines-Decors --- Figurines-created-by-The-Assault-Group - Medieval-Asia-
Miniature 28mm Medieval Asia

Medieval Asia (581 – 1466):

The assault group also offers a wide range of military units for medieval asia, you can find the following miniatures in 28mm:

  • Mongols: General Mongolian with his eagle, Mongolian flag bearer, Mongolian with ax, infantry with bows, Mongolian cavalry, Mongol playing the drum on his dromedary.
  • Samurai: Samurai with severed head of his opponent, Samurai with Katana, soldier monk with Naginata (curved blade falcon), samurai rider with bow, Samurai with nodachi (Japanese long sword)
  • Song Dynasty: Cavalry, archer and crossbowman, guard, knight.
  • Tang Dynasty: Tang Dynasty infantry.
  • Sui Dynasty: Sui dynasty cavalry, archers and lancers.
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Miniature dwarf 28mm for the Heroïque Fantasy range of Assault Group

Heroic Fantasy:

If you are looking for dwarves to complement your Warhammer dwarf armies you have come to the right place, you will be able to find a multitude of dwarf variations.

Lots of dwarves (captain, Dwarf King, Dwarf Standard Bearer,), human troops, A griffin, a chaos witch, zombies, an alchemist, dwarf ponies or horses, dwarf armor and food packs , dwarves as zombies, a dwarf horseman with bow or war hammer, dwarf with metal armor, dwarves with pistols.

28mm farm animals range:

Farm animals (pigs, chickens, goats, rabbits, rats, etc.) a fairly extensive range of horses in different racing poses.

Ultra modern range (year 2000)

In the following territories: America, Afghanistan and Iraq, English, Africa, Russia.

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