Construction of the Baelor Temple for Game of Thrones miniatures (a Song of ice and fire)


I made this temple of Baelor from the “Games of Thrones” series with extruded polystyrene.

In this part, you will be able to see all the sculpture part, the materials used, as well as all the steps to realize a scenery from start to finish .


Required equipment :

  • 19 mm extruded polystyrene.
  • Wood glue
  • foam board
  • Filler coating
  • Cardboard
  • cutter
  • X-acto knife


Step 1: Research on the images of the series and “fan art”.

In order to realize this decoration in an optimal way, I put together the different visuals that represented the Baelor temple in order to have a global idea of the appearance of the building.






Step 2: Making the heptagon (7-sided figure)

I then cut in extruded polystyrene the base of the building taking into account the size of the figurines “A song of ice and fire (edited by CMON)”. So I got a width of 25 centimeters for the “body of the building” (and almost 40 centimeters wide if you take the building as a whole with the towers, but we’ll see that later).

Step 3: Realization of the 7 beveled sides and gluing.

We then make the 7 sides with extruded polystyrene. This one is pasted on the previously created heptagon. Each side is glued at a 64° angle. Since this 64° is rather complex to achieve with just a cutter, an x-acto blade and patience, I cut as well as I could and I saw what it looks like afterwards…

Step 4: Filling up the facades

As the cuts weren’t necessarily very regular at 64°, I had to take out the jar of sealer, which allowed me to modify with the corner cuts.



Step 5: Creation of the 7 towers of the temple

In order to make the seven towers of the temple, I combined three extruded polystyrene boards 6.5 centimeters wide and 17.5 centimeters high. The sides of these towers were also cut into a heptagon shape.

These seven towers are all topped by “heptagonal” towers 5 centimeters wide and 9.5 centimeters high.





Step 6: Creation of the framework of the dome of the temple of Baelor.

1) Base and dome of the temple with feather-cardboard

So I set to work on the dome. I chose foam board to make the base of the dome. On which I added “the walkway” with extruded polystyrene. This Path is then covered with a foam board disc that will serve as a base for the dome.

To finish, two half-circles of foam board are cut and glued on the disc to accommodate the future cardboard roof.


2. Creation of the sphere with flexible cardboard.

The sphere is made of flexible cardboard, it is glued with wood glue and held by “long pins” during the drying time.



Step 7: refining the decor with foam board and cardboard.


  1. Creation of columns to maintain the dome.

In order to increase the impression of realism and also be in keeping with the appearance of the Baelor temple , foam cardboard columns have been made at the level of the ‘walkway’.


  1. Creation of covering rods for the dome

Small covering rods were made to cover the cardboard roof and improve the connection between the different parts of the dome.


  1. Addition of flag holders

In order to fine-tune the details, I added a few toothpicks topped with cardboard flags.


4. Realization of “base” with foam board

The towers were also given a base at the height of the beginning of the dome, which marks the break in the thickness of the tower. Extruded polystyrene strips were used to make the details on the seven towers.



5. Creation of the roofs of the towers with cardboard.

The roofs of seven towers were made with a rosette (several halves of semicircles) of foam cardboard. They were topped with cardboard to make the roof.


Step 8: Texturing the walls (bricks)

In order to reinforce the impression of a fortress, the building was entirely engraved with a brick effect and an addition of sand and wood glue was used to texture the entire scenery.


Animation-Figurine-Scenery-BAELOR- Temple-miniature-sand-and-texture


We will see in the next step how to paint this miniature scenery so that it looks like the original as much as possible.


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